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Open a free virtual account and make secure transactions anywhere, anytime. With Cardex, spend your money freely and efficiently across all payment platforms with our virtual and physical cards.

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Our Features

With Cardex, Securely manage all your financial transactions in one place

Dynamic Cards

Tired of shuffling multiple cards for different payment platforms? With Cardex, you can simplify your transactions by using one dynamic card that is accepted on all payment platforms.

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Virtual Dollar Card

Manage your online transactions with cardex’s virtual dollar card. Our dollar card offers you the convenience of making secure online international transactions right from the comfort of your digital device.

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Physical and Virtual Debit Naira Card

Make secure and seamless online and offline transactions with our physical and virtual debit naira cards. Enjoy the ease of secure payment everywhere you go.

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Fixed Cards

Cardex fixed cards offer you a total control of your money. With our fixed card, you can monitor and control your spending within a predefined limit. Our fixed cards can be utilized for budgeting purposes. Control how much to spend and what to spend on.

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Your card comes with a control center

With cardex, manage and control your money on the go

Limit Spending

With a cardex card, you have the power to set a limit on your money. Whether it's for personal budgeting or business expenses, take control of your finances and ensure you stay within your desired spending boundaries. No more overspending. Cardex puts you in charge.

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Funding and Withdrawal

Seamlessly fund your account and make withdrawals with just a few clicks.

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Freeze Account

Suspicious of fraudulent activities? Cardex allows you to freeze your account whenever you need to. With this feature, say no to unexpected transactions and scams.

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Our blog

Simplify your financial transactions all in one place with cardex mobile app

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Cardex launches bill payment on its platform

In our modern world, managing various financial transactions can be time consuming and complex. However, with Cardex mobile app you can effortlessly manage and pay for all your bills at no hidden or extra cost. Simplify your life by effortlessly handling electricity payment, data, airtime all in one convenient platform...

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How to perform Cardex to Cardex transfer with no charges or hidden fees

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Explore the benefits of using virtual dollar card on Cardex

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